JupyterHub for class

In doing your work, you will need a python3 environment with several libraries installed. To streamline this, we created a JupyterHub instance with the necessary environment pre-installed. We will use this JupyterHub for some homework assignments that are graded with nbgrader. Below are the links to the

Please give it a try and let us know how it works for you


Course material will be put in the shared folder, which is read-only. You will need to copy the files to your home area to modify them.


If you prefer the Jupyter Lab interface over the classic notebook, change the last part of the URL to “lab”, e.g. https://physga-2059-fall.rcnyu.org/user//lab/ (and replace <netid> with your netid)


The server will shutdown after 15 min of inactivity or (3 hours hard time limit). If you know you are done, click Control Panel in the top right and shutdown your server.

Changing Kernels


The default environment (kernel) is Python 3, you will need to change it to Python [conda env:course] to pick up the right environment with the installed libraries.


Fig. 1 Selecting the kernel for a new notebook


Fig. 2 Selecting the kernel for a the classic notebook


Fig. 3 Selecting the kernel in Jupyter Lab