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Year in Review: 2016


Collaboration Map

Reproducibility Symposium

Supersplit Supersymmetry and the 750 GeV Diphoton Excess

My favorite way to write numbers

Testing interactive blog post

Theorists Make Data Too

Decomposing Classification For Mixture Models

Open Science Meetup

Recast Progress

Software: citation and status

Physics of Philae

Searching for Cosmic Rays with Phones

On Sabbatical

Hotelling's Experiment

The USA Science & Engineering Festival

The Realineituhedron

Using the INSPIRE API to generate AltMetric badges

Visualizing information geometry with multidimensional scaling

Migrating To Pelican

Bicep2 and Software Carpentry

RooFit statistical modeling language demo in an IPython notebook

The Higgs Boson: A Natural Disaster!

Enabling data sharing, citation, and discovery

Inspired by the Higgs, a step forward in open access

Visiting my high school in Arkansas

A fresh look for the standard model

Facebook GraphSearch and the NSA

Projects from July 2013

Next up, Flask

A D3 Test post using iframe