I'm looking forward to presenting our LHC exhibit at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. again this year. As part of my outreach activities, funded by the NSF I developed this exhibit. The idea was inspired by the LIGO exhibit that I saw (partially) on display at the World Science Festival Street Fair several years ago. The LIGO exhibit is cool, but I was able to pull off something nice for a lot cheaper using DisplayIt trade show truss system. [I should note, that I really like working with DisplayIt, they are very responsive and quick.]

Here's what the exhibit looked like in 2012, when the exhibit was manned by myself, James Beacham, and George Lewis.

Now that we've discovered the Higgs boson, it's time to upgrade the graphics for one of the panels. Below are the panels for the S-shaped museum like pice in the middle. This year we are teaming up with the NYU Department of Teaching and Learning to develop more activities for younger children.

Please stop by our booth!

Update: Here are photos from the 2014 festival


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