Long-term projects:

  • IRIS-HEP : Sustainable Software for high energy physics

  • DIANA/HEP : Sustainable Software for high energy physics

  • Reproducibility & Reinterpretability:

  • Crayfis: The app that turns your phone into a cosmic ray detector. No joke.

  • INSPIRE: The literature database for HEP (I'm on the advisory board)

  • HEPData: High Energy Physics Data Repository (I'm on the advisory board)

Big projects:

  • MadMiner: advanced likelihood-free inference particle physics (eg. for effective field theory measurements)

  • Carl: a toolbox for likelihood-free inference (Gilles Louppe and Juan Pavez ) - documentation, code

  • RooStats: The statistical tools used widely at the LHC, and almost exclusively for the Higgs discovery.

  • HistFactory: A tool for building statistical models based on histogram templates, with a rich set of components for modeling systeamtic uncertainties through simulation-based and data-driven approaches. Modern python-based implementation in pyhf.

  • EventView: an analysis framework used widely in the early days of ATLAS, then abandoned, then largely re-invented for RunII.

Smaller projects:

  • Look elsewhere effect 2d: code

  • Information Geometry: Higgs EFT, Ambient Fisher Information

  • Fast Asimov Utils: code

  • decouple: Decoupling uncertainties through composition (emphasis on theoretical uncertainties and Higgs measurements)

  • UnicodeIt: a little tool that lets me type this "H\to \gamma\gamma" and turn it into H→ γγ (anywhere due to unicode) with a little system-wide hotkey.

  • KEYS - Ancient code used at LEP for kernel density estimation

Collaboration Map