I've been a bit annoyed with feed.mikle.com, the RSS feed widget I'm using on my homepage. Sometimes it doesn't update, and while it is convenient, I can't modify the code to be able to tweak it. In particular, I'd like to get mathjax to work on the titles of the papers.

I was looking around earlier, and I found FeedEK, which looks pretty nice. Now that I've enabled pelican_javascript, it's pretty easy. I did this first for the Collaboration Map and this time it only took me about five minutes to add the javascript and css. I'm pointing the feed to my INSPIRE profile: http://inspirehep.net/rss?ln=en&p=a%3AK.S.Cranmer.1.

All I had to do in my markdown/html was add

<div id="divRss"></div>

I'm still not sure how to get mathjax to render the LaTeX, but it seems more plausible now.

Here's the minimal feed:

Here's the detailed feed:


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