Recently I've been learning more about docker and all the things it can do for us. My student Lukas Heinrich has been working on the Recast project and using docker heavily. In parallel, Tim Head and I have been talking a lot about projects like binder and everware, which let you run Jupyter notebooks in a GitHub repository with custom requirements encapsulated in a docker image.

Most recently, Tim had this awesome blog post on interactive blog posts using static html. It's all powered via thebe.

I want to turn this example into one that uses a custom docker image that has george installed, but so far I've not been successful with that. So just so I can feel like I've accomplished something, here's an example from a recent blog post on Hotelling's experiment. The point here is that you have a static blog post that you can execute (and modify). The last cell uses python2.7 syntax for the print statements in a python3 session, so it won't work. But you can edit it accoridngly (comment out or change to print(...).

Have fun, now let's embed the interactive notebook:

{% thebe HotellingsExperiment.ipynb %}


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